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Welcome to Rotary Club of Minot
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Becoming a Member

If you are interested in joining, please talk to any Rotarian. A Rotarian will then sponsor you to be considered for membership. You will be invited to attend two meetings to learn more about Rotary. At that time the sponsor may then submit your name to the club's membership committee.
Dues are collected quarterly and cover the cost of International and District fees, weekly luncheons, and fundraising efforts. As of November 2010, current dues and luncheon fees are $161.50 per quarter.

Benefits of Club Membership

The club is the cornerstone of Rotary, where the most meaningful work is carried out. All effective Rotary clubs are responsible for four key elements: sustaining or increasing their membership base , participating in service projects that benefit their own community and those in other countries, supporting The Rotary Foundation of RI financially and through program participation, and developing leaders capable of serving in Rotary beyond the club level.
What Rotarians get out of Rotary depends largely on what they put into it. Many membership requirements are designed to help members become and remain active participants in their clubs and enjoy their Rotary experience.

Rotary Club of Minot Membership Card

Rotary Club of Minot Membership Card (document)
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Membership card to be completed by proposer and proposee