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Planting Hope
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Welcome to Sunrise Rotary Club of Minot!
Current Members

We are so thankful for the members of our club, without the support and contributions of our members we would not be able to have such an impact on our community. If you know any of the below members, please ask them about Sunrise Rotary and why they are a member!

Current Members
  Member Name Member Since
Kevin Black
March 2014
Cassidy Hjelmstad

March 2011
Kalvin Larson

February 2013
Brekka Kramer

May 2002
Sue Robb

August 2007
Beth Odahlen

July 2011
John Knecht

September 2005
Tanya Ide

October 2013
Tammy Hein-Sack

December 2014
Tim Axtman

May 2004
Lynda Bertsch

October 1993
LeRoy Chausse

June 2016
Brandi Clark

September 2015
Larry Eldsness

November 2003
Cameon Eisenzimmer

August 2013
Eldon Erickson

October 1993
Brett Fiddler

May 2016
Joanne Fredericksen

October 1993
Kayla Goetz

April 2014
Kori Huettl

July 2013
Scott Knudsvig

July 2004
McKenna Larson

September 2013
Megan Laudenschlager

March 2012
Veronica Meyer

August 2009
Lucas Moen

August 2016
Diane Moline

July 1996
Christina Olliney

September 2016
Kelsey Opdahl

November 2015
Randy Schwan

January 1996
Pam Stroklund

August 2003
Clyde Thomas

June 2007
Camila Van Dyke

January 2015
Derek Van Dyke

January 2015
Shannon Webster

August 2009
Amanda Westmeyer

September 2015